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BITCOIN QUONSAFETY LTD is more than just a software developer. It guarantees the safety of online financial transactions conducted on cryptocurrency exchanges. Our tight-knit team of leading IT specialists, developers, coder, and cybersecurity experts designs and implements security scripts in order to ensure quality protection of exchange services and their stable functioning in the market thanks to avoiding losses that occur due to unauthorized fraudulent activities.
Any cryptocurrency exchange needs a flawless security system which allows is to guarantee the safety of traders' capital and their own operational reserves. In addition, it is also important to ensure protection of personal data of the customers provided via sign up and other website forms. Since reputational risks are most unwanted, we receive new orders for the development of unique security scripts for new and existing projects daily.
Aside from cryptocurrency exchanges, we service online cryptocurrency exchange offices. Malefactors are attracted to the huge daily turnover of such offices, and reliable multilevel smart security systems are the only way to ensure their protection from irreversible actions of such malefactors. To design a high-quality software product, we study scripts for flaws and vulnerabilities all the time, we use modern encryption methods and reliable data transmission methods. Another advantage is the possibility to sell ready scripts beneficially more than once while implementing minor changes into the software code for it to suit the new web platform and personal requirements of the customer.

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